Giovanni Ricci-Novara

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I hope the care, love and respect with which I have approached all my subjects will show in the photographs published on this website.

I live in Paris with my family although
I was born in Milan, where I lived
for many years.
My dreamy wife Raffaella convinced me
– among other things – to have two wonderful children: Samuele and Carolina.
For that, and for more, I will be always grateful to her.

In my work I avail myself of the talents
of Larissa, my longtime assistant, a tough and formidable Sardinian.


Both are extraordinary cooks, thus
I am in the delightful position of passing from Gröstl to culurgiones, from Schlutzkrapfen to panada ...
and back again.

You are allowed to envy me.

If I have to speak of myself, the only thing that comes to my mind is that in my job
I always try to be very careful.
You may say, “Well, that’s what everyone does…”
Then let’s say that I am doing it, too.